Printed Circuit Board Basics – A Focus On PCB Fabrication

Nothing beats the finest quality of printed circuit boards offered by Imagineering, Inc. We are one of the country’s most renowned supplier of manufactured PCBs. We have been flexible enough to scale the scope of our capabilities from simple prototypes up to mass production.

Worry no more as we offer to you various solutions for your PCB fabrication needs.
What makes us the best amongst others?

We uphold the five competitive advantages that made us what we are today. Our success in building ties with offshore PCB suppliers through overseas manufacturing is the first advantage that geared our high standing in the industry. Our thorough and precise analysis was made possible because of our eight fully staffed CAM/CAD stations which were operated by DFM engineers.

PCBWith our quick-turn production, you can have your small prototypes within 5-6 days and large-scale production runs within 2-3 weeks. Our excellent shipping logistics system will make sure that you will have no worries of obtaining your product as we deliver these door-to-door. Lastly, our economic position and strategy has allowed us to give a great advantage to our customers by giving them affordable prices.

Three divisions of quality class standards are present in the PCB industry.

The first class (Class 1) is intended for general electronic products which involves the testing and verification of the circuit designs. Dedicated service electronic products belong to Class 2, which include communication equipments, sophisticated business machines and instruments that must have uninterrupted service and extended life. Lastly, products that belong to Class 3 are mostly used for aeronautics, military or medical applications wherein uninterrupted and reliable service is needed.

Printed circuit boardsWith an aggressive approach of capturing the best interests of our customers, we manufacture Class 2 products that meet your specifications. Our services that cover PCB design, PCB manufacture and PCB fabrication have been the standard of the industry for more than 20 years. Together with the high quality products that we deliver, our turnaround and pricing have been affordable to our old and new customers.

Imagineering, Inc. has maintained its reputation for providing high quality and on time PCB fabrication products and services through harnessing the capabilities of PCB manufacturers in mainland China, Korea and Taiwan. To make sure that you only deserve the best of our printed circuit board products, our facilities have been accredited with ISO-14000, UL94V-0, ISO-9002 and QS-9000 certifications.

The outsourcing strategy that we employed in the company is the main reason why our products are sold at a low cost despite the large production volumes that are ordered. Our established reputation has preceded the trust given to us by our clients. Despite the doubts regarding the outsource of labor for your fabrication needs, both our old and new customers remained faithful to us as they found our scheme advantageous on their part. Some of the popular companies that we have served includes Ericsson, Sony Electronics, HP, Intel, Whirlpool and Motorola.

Printed Circuit BoardRigid, Flex double-sided and multi-layered PCBs have been the most common value-added PCBs supplied by our company since 1986. To strengthen our advocacy in saving the condition of our environment, we are currently taking a big step in manufacturing printed circuit boards that comply with the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive. This legislation prohibits the use of substances such as polybrominated biphenylethers (PBBE or PBDE), mercury, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), lead, hexa-valent chromium and cadmium to be included as an ingredient for the manufacture of printed circuit boards.

To make things better, we are currently developing new materials that will suit the needs of the clients in whatever projects they have. Included in the RoHS capabilities of the company are lead-fee surface finishes, halogen-free solder masks and high-performance FR-4 material.

If you have problems related to PCB fabrication and manufacture, do not hesitate to avail our instant online turnkey quotes. We are proud to say that we pioneer in this scheme with respect to this industry. Just upload your bill of materials (BOM), fill in some necessary details regarding your design and you will then receive our production quote fast.

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