Two Major Tips When in the Market for the Most Cost-effective Funeral Services

A funeral service can instantly break the bank. The cost of the services and the events after it can be financially draining. If you happen to reside in the metropolis area, you can expect an instant thousands of dollars of differences. Worse, these financial decisions have to be made during one the most emotional stages of a person’s existence.

Funeral-ServicesFrom an emotional standpoint, people always aim to go for the best and sometimes most lavish services to honor the life of their departed loved ones. From the logical standpoint, certain facets of the funeral services may be deemed necessary. The result is often something that many people regret. Once the tears have gone dry, grieving may recommence after the cost of the entire service has been disclosed.

Experts have expressed the need to reevaluate the spending habits of people when it comes to offering funeral services since some are really unnecessarily pricey. The funeral, as an expert puts it, should be ultimately treated as a regular consumer transaction. This means that it is essential to also make some cost comparisons before making a final ‘purchase’ decision.

Here are some tips you can follow so you can make wise funeral decisions:

Do away with the traditional funeral


The grieving period can make every person vulnerable. During a grief-stricken time, the capacity to think logically often goes up in smoke. The family, cultural, and religious traditions of the departed loved one are just among the factors that can immediately raise the expenses. On top of that, there could be as set of wishes that the deceased may have mentioned.

If your loved one has not availed of any pre-need funeral plans, you need to be extra cautious on the budget. There are options that family members can take to make the entire service less costly. For example, some practical families now choose direct cremation or direct burial. Direct cremation happens when the procedure is done just shortly after the death of the person. The ashes are then placed in a container such as an urn. On the other hand, direct burial can also be done shortly after the person passes away. The body is normally placed inside a simple container.

These options may appear too traditional, but they can immediately slash off the cost of funeral by 40%. Savings is possible as families need not spend on the visitation, rental of chapels, and more importantly, pricey caskets.

Funeral Services

Another key to a less expensive funeral is the absence of embalming. When direct cremation or burial are chosen, the body need not be embalmed. It is important to know that embalming is not always required by law. It is imperative, however, to verify the information with the funeral director.

Be informed of your rights as a consumer


It is a common practice for funeral homes to offer packaged services. This is to help families make decisions more easily. However, for families who have to stick to a particular budget, it is important to have a certain flexibility when availing services of any mortuary company.

In this particular case, it will be helpful remind yourself that you also have the right to know the specific breakdown of the packages and to avail individual services if necessary. There are instances when the individual services can be less expensive when taken by parts and not as a whole package.

For starter, it would also help a lot to have a price list of the packages and services. Again, it is also within your rights to obtain this particular document. These are all included in the consumer bill of rights that every funeral home should respect and acknowledge.


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Cheap Tricks To Make Custom Challenge Coins Cheaper 

People are constantly looking for creative ways to make their custom challenge coins cheaper. These people don’t have the slightest clue on what they can do to make their lives easier when they have to order customized coins. Ordering custom coins doesn’t have to be too expensive.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get cheap custom coins. The only reason people seem to think so is that they don’t really have a good idea of how these coins are produced. There are several things people can do in order to make their custom coins cheaper. The nice thing is that they’re very simple and easy to do.

Below are a few tricks to make cheaper custom challenge coins.
Making the coin cheaper by design

Custom coins vary in price. There are a large variety of different factors that go into the pricing of a custom coin.

For one thing, there is the metal used for minting the coins. Custom coins come in a wide variety of different metals. Coins may come in copper, nickel, brass, bronze and even zinc alloy. Of all the metals, the cheapest by far is the zinc alloy. It may have a lower quality, but those working on a tight budget will definitely appreciate the asking price of custom coins made from zinc alloy.

Military Challenge CoinsThen there’s the dye. One of the best things about custom coins is the ability to choose the color or the dye to be used. The important thing to remember here is that a complex color dye will take more time and effort to produce. Custom challenge coins will be more expensive as the complexity of the color dye increases. This is a simple result of the time and effort that the artist has to spend making the dye.

To make things cheaper, try going for colors that are relatively simple. Just be creative in the combination and the use of colors instead of going for complex dyes.

Asking someone overseas to do it

Many people think all custom coin dealers in the country actually make their own coins. The truth is these people actually outsource the coin manufacturing process. They task people outside of the country to make the custom challenge coins for them.

This is especially true for Asian countries. The simple reason for this is that labor and materials are cheaper over there. It’s so cheap that it’s actually feasible for people to order coins abroad and sell them here even when they’re custom made.

Popular choices for Asian producers are China and South Korea. South Korea is a popular choice because the country’s strong ties with US military bases. China is an excellent choice because it’s one of the cheapest options out there in the industry.

Those who want a really cheap custom coin can easily find better options abroad. Don’t worry about the quality. What most people don’t know is that a significant portion of all the custom coins in the country actually came from Asia.

Haggling with the manufacturer

This is the simplest method or cheap trick for getting custom coins at a really low price. A lot of these coin manufacturers understand just how small the industry really is. The competition between the different coin makers can be intense which is why many of them do what they can to secure a deal.

Some of these coin manufacturers will be more than willing to strike a bargain with people who know how to haggle. The drawback to this trick is that it requires a more personal touch. A person who haggles for cheap custom challenge coins will have nothing to rely on but their own negotiating skills.

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